Update — Everything Is Changing

Hey there, long time no see!

As most of you already know, I’ve been pretty busy with my school projects as well as an exam that was looming over my head for the past couple of months. It’s an understatement to say that it’s been a stressful and busy time. However, now that it’s summer vacation, I’ve had a little more free time on my hands. Therefore, I figured that this would be the best time to introduce the blog to some MAJOR changes and that’s why, very very soon, this blog will be terminated.

Yup, you read that right! I’m deleting wiishuwrites.com and moving it’s content to a new blog, on a new server and under a new domain: wiishu.com

There are a lot of reasons for this change, but to sum it up briefly:

  • I’ll now be working from one single hosting site which means the sites I have will be much easier to upkeep in the long run and also cheaper.
  • The new server also allows me to change my domain, which means I can collect everything (all social media, blog and other sites) under one name: Wiishu.
  • I’ve changed a lot as a person over the last year and I want to reflect that in my content and on my social media. This new blog will allow me to do just that. I can customize the new blog much more to fit my current aesthetic and it will, therefore, be much closer to what I like now, compared to what I liked a couple of years ago.
  • The new blog also gives me a chance to show off a little of what I’ve learned in school and apply it to the blog, as well as my future content. I’ve spent the last month, taking a more in-depth look at my own content and applying what I would normally advise a client about, to my own stuff. It’s very difficult to analyze yourself like that but I also think it’ll be really rewarding in the long run and hopefully create a more professional atmosphere around my projects and my content.

Hopefully, you guys now understand why I’m making these changes and will support me in my decision. Blogging is something I’m really passionate about (even more so than YouTube!) and so I’ve been wanting to make this change for a while, to help reflect me better as a person and a content creator.

Lastly, this blog won’t be updated after the move, so please consider re-subscribing to my new blog over at wiishu.com

I hope to see you there!



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Featured Photo by Rasmus Frost on Instagram

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What I did in February – College, Assignments and Class Trips

Hey gang, it’s been a little while! February has come and gone and I am now well on my way to becoming a full-time student. At the beginning of the month, I started college and the first couple of weeks have been much busier than I initially anticipated. I’ve ended up having to focus all of my time on school and especially on getting back in the routine of studying full-time again. Needless to say, I haven’t had much time to write posts and record videos. Hell, even my Instagram has come to a standstill and I really want to apologize for that. However, right now, I am currently sitting on a bus on my way to Hamburg on a class trip so I thought I would utilize this time to write a handy little update post, about what has actually been going on with me during these first few months of 2019.

The first week was an introduction week. Basically, we were shown around the campus, introduced to the different school IT-systems (I’m convinced the school system HATES me btw. I’ve had so much trouble with it…) and getting to know our classmates. I learned people’s names and managed to somewhat get a read on their personalities. A lot of people had already done some paid photography/videography work or where currently working with it, which was very cool. We even have a couple of people who already have a graphic designer degree but who chose to take this as a “refresher” course of sorts. It’s been nice to have people around who have experience in both the work field but also the programs we’ll be working with.

After the introduction week, the “real” course began and it was, to put it mildly, a complete 180 change. Coming from the slow, laid back introduction to the real deal, happened so fast and suddenly I found myself being introduced to 5 different Adobe programs and having a project in each and every single one of them. It was tough!
The projects themselves were alright. It’s not like they were particularly difficult but they were time-consuming. The first two were animation projects, made with Adobe Animate CC and I can safely say that I now have a newfound respect for animators! That stuff is hard! And I didn’t even have to do anything that difficult!

The next couple of assignments focused on a program called Adobe XD. It’s software primarily used for building wireframes and mockups. Wireframes being the blueprint of a website/app and mockups being the last rendition of your visual design (but with no actual programming behind it. Think of it more as something purely visual, to show a client what the finished product is going to look like). This one messed me up because I kept mixing up the assignments! Keep in mind we had two assignments, in the same program, due on the same date but one was a group project with an individual hand-in and the other was purely individual. It was tricky but I managed to finish them both and hand them in on time (not without trouble, mind you. I told you, the IT-systems HATE me…)

Now I also mentioned I was on a bus, right? Well, that’s because of our class trip! We’re headed to Hamburg in Germany to see some things, write some assignments and most importantly, to shake the whole class together and make some friends! It’s a little weird having it almost a month into the semester but better late than never! I, for one, am really looking forward to this trip. I love travelling, especially with friends, so I’m excited to see what we end up doing once we arrive!

I also hope you’re all doing well! Let me know what you’ve been up to yourselves and if you have any suggestions for the blog or for YouTube, feel free to leave a comment here on the blog! I read everything that goes on the blog. It has sort of become my little “safe-space” so I’ll try to keep it updated to the best of my ability from here on out.

Love you guys and I’m so thankful that so many of you are still here, despite the lack of content. It means the world to me that you care and I promise that I will do my best to give you the content you deserve when I have the time to string it together because you have all given me so much and it’s the least I can do in return.


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3 quick style tips on how to stay warm and stylish during winter

Hey gang, it’s been a while! I skipped a post last week and I’m sorry about that. The reason behind this was because I was way behind on commissions and wanted to focus on that. On top of that though, I also have to save up for a new bike, since mine apparently decided to break itself and because I don’t have a bike, I haven’t been able to get out as much and so I’ve been feeling extra “stuck” and uninspired lately.
Still, It hasn’t been too bad since it seems winter won’t be letting go of us anytime soon. It’s still really bloody cold and dark outside and the freezing cold, mixed with a biting wind and rain makes for a really poor cocktail that I wouldn’t want to be out in regardless. It’s because of this, that it’s important to make sure you are properly dressed before venturing outside and so I thought I would put together a few quick and easy tips to help you (and me as well) stay warm during this godforsaken season where snow is apparently a thing of the past and spring is so far in the future that it’s not even worth thinking about.

  • Layer up:
    This is so so easy and so SO important! Especially during winter time! Layering is a big part of dressing for winter because you need to be able to be comfortable both outside but inside as well. Sneaking a pair of tights underneath your jeans or styling your favourite oversized sweater with a thinner turtleneck or dress shirt underneath are both really good ways to stay both warm AND stylish in the cold winter months and it’s so so easy as well. My go-to outfit recently has been a sweater with a long t-shirt underneath and straight legged jeans with boots. It’s easy, it’s warm and it’s stylish. Exactly what you need when it’s pissing down outside.
  • Accessorize:
    Beanies, scarves and gloves are all essential winter wear accessories and can really lift an otherwise dull outfit to new heights. Especially if you have a black or neutral coloured jacked. Besides, it’s fun to mix and match bold colours and cosy fabrics! A perfect win/win!
  • Knits, knits and more knits:
    Now, I know I complain a lot about the winter weather but because of the shitty weather, we get to wear knits and if there is anything I’m grateful to the winter for its knitted things. As most of you know, sweaters are one of my favourite things about this time of year and should absolutely be celebrated. Knitted things like sweater, beanies and socks are cosy, chunky and overall they simply just make you feel good. They’re also the most recurring item for me when I think about my winter outfits and there’s a very good reason for that. They are both warm and stylish and you can get them in every colour you could possibly want. They are the ultimate winter essential and like I mentioned in my first point, they are easy to style.

Now, I also quickly want to mention that lip balms, face creams and hand moisturizer are all also absolutely essential for winter time but I’m thinking I will make a separate blog post about winter time skin care and my top favourite picks for each one, another time. Now I will return to planning out some more post/vlogs since, as I mentioned earlier, I’ve been feeling incredibly uninspired lately and that’s why it’s important to stay on top of things! Though, today has been a good day and I want to get a lot more done before I completely deflate on my bed, with a chai latte later tonight.
Let me know if you have suggestions or ideas, I am all ears! (Hey, that rhymed, haha!)

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Photo by Nielsen Arenas on Unsplash